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    Writer.Traveller.Dog lover.

    I've spent the last oh, 10 years living in and out of Trinidad, globe trotting and dreaming about jump-starting my writing career. I've finally found my true love for magazine publishing and I hope to continue for many more years.

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Corpus Chrisit

The Feast of Corpus Christi (Latin: Body of Christ), alternatively referred to as Festum Corpus et Sanguinis Christi, is a Christian feast celebrating the Holy Eucharist. This feast is also called Mass or Communion. It is the liturgical celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection, where Christians partake of Christ’s body and blood. Corpus Christi is … Continue reading

Australian High Commissioner Visits Minister Ramnarine

His Excellency Philip Kentwell, Australian High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago paid a final courtesy call to Senator the Honourable Kevin Ramnarine, Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs today. Both gentlemen discussed the great relationship that has developed between their countries, especially in the area of trade and energy investment. HE Philip Kentwell is retiring … Continue reading

Memories of London and Fisherman’s Pie

  London: gorgeous grey skies, gastro pubs and good grub. I spent a year and half working and living in the outskirts of downtown London. It took some getting used to after living in the prim, and very organised suburb of Bethesda in Maryland. Like all experiences, the end result far outweighed the few negatives … Continue reading

Egypt – A Look Back

Egypt – A Look Back.

Super Talent Behind SuperWings NY

Super Talent Behind SuperWings NY.

Womens’ role in dating: Sit and look pretty

I’ve had that phrase, in various reincarnations, hurled at me during conversations with various men about dating and relationships. Most recently, I exchanged an interesting, but upsetting chat with a man who doesn’t appear to even like or respect women. He actually seems to resent the fact that he has to make an effort to … Continue reading

Beauty and Hollywood

I recently scoffed at a friend’s Facebook post which touted the utter sexiness of pop-tart Rihanna. I claimed that RiRi was a dime a dozen in the Caribbean and I knew so many other women who were far more beautiful without an army of stylists and make up artists at their disposal. While, I do … Continue reading